Thursday, December 18, 2008

Evolution of Dance (2!)

It was my first favorite on YouTube, and chances are it's in your favorites too. Judson Laipply's Evolution of Dance is the Internet's most watched video of all time. Currently the video has had 107,334,624 views. Wow! It's just so much fun to watch. I just found out today that Judson has put together a second installment of the Evolution of Dance, which will come out early next year.

If you want to get a sneak peak at some of the dances and songs that will be a part of this new video, visit Evolution Of Dance starring YOU! That's exactly what it sounds like. You can upload pictures of yourself, or your friends or family, do a little editing, and get into the dance video with Judson. The editing was really easy, just a matter of adjusting the outline around the face and then positioning the head on body. Then you can watch and share your very own Evolution of Dance 2 video trailer with all your friends. I made one with Cory and his cousin Jessica, and it was hilarious to watch. Boy, those kids can dance!

This is all brought to you by and - both sites that are designed to help people save money. So while you're there uploading pictures and watching yourself and your friends dancing with Judson, be sure to have a look around and see if they can help you save some money, too. I love the words on the marquee: "DANCE like there's no tomorrow! SAVE so there is one!" Sounds like a good philosophy, right?

While you're there you can sign up for Saveology, enter to win a Smart Car, and sign up to be notified when Judson's new video is released. I can hardly wait, now that I know it's coming.