Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thank Our Heroes

I should probably be more appreciative of the fact that I got to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family, in spite of the hassle of getting there and back. Some people don't get to spend holidays with their families, and it's not just because of a little traffic. OK, a lot of traffic and I don't plan to do that again soon, but something tells me that if our military men and women had the chance to sit in traffic so they could be with their families, they'd take it.

Since they can't do that and many of them are away from home, not just for the holidays but for months at a time, Sears has set up the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry. It's a great way to thank our heroes and do something slightly heroic ourselves.

Military families can register, tell their stories, and create wishlists for their families. Then the rest of us can read their stories, see what they wish for their families, and help fulfill their wishes. I've read a few of the stories and looked at the wishlists, a family of 6 from Tennessee, a family of 5 from New York. Please visit the Sears site, read some of the stories yourself and consider helping to fulfill some of those holiday wishes. All donations will be used to purchase Sears gift cards, which will be distributed equally to all registered families.

Whether or not you want to make a donation, you can still post a message of support to let our military men and women, and their families, know we are thinking of them and appreciate their service and sacrifice.



  1. That's wonderful! Hey you changed your comments, weren't they in a pop up or a new page?

  2. I think it's a really great program.

    Yep, changed the comments. I've been seeing some other blogs with comments like this, so I thought I'd give it a try.


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