Monday, December 29, 2008

The Problem with Winter Break

The kids sleep in, as late as they can possibly get away with.

I forgot to remind them last night that I was going to need their laundry in the morning. If they don't want me to wake them up earlier than they want to be woken up, the ideal thing is for them to set the laundry out in the hall the night before.

But this morning there was no laundry in the hall, because I forgot to remind them, and they didn't think of it on their own. So, I didn't get the laundry going as early this morning as I would have liked, and then it looked kind of like this when I finally got the kids moving and got their laundry:

How exactly do they end up with so much laundry, anyway? This is gonna take all day.


  1. I know the feeling! My boys are the same. I have to dig in their toybox to make sure I have everything. It is a bad laundry day if you wash everything and only come up with one pair of underwear for one boy. Either hygiene is bad, or I didn't find all of them! :)

  2. Aurora lives in her bedroom. She's sleeps in till noon and comes out to eat. Teenagers are so much fun eh!

  3. oh my I stopped doing my kdis laundry way back when they hit like... 12. I have helped but it is their job.. good luck hope your new year is good.


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