Thursday, December 11, 2008

Student Housing

Beth wants to go to WCTC next year to study Interior Design. Luckily that is close enough she can still live at home, if she wants to. It will certainly be more affordable that way!

Students who go to school further from home have no choice but to either stay in a dorm or get an apartment close to campus. For students in Leeds, that means Pickard Properties. In a survey conducted by Leeds Student Union, Pickard was voted their No.1 Landlord. Pickard's aim is to make renting a property a smooth and easy process. They even take care of contacting the utilities on their new tenants' behalf.

To find student accommodation leeds , students can view properties online and register with the site to be informed about new properties and, once they find one they're interested in, arrange a viewing. Once they find the ideal house, they need at least half the tenants (you know students must have roomates) along with Student IDs, insurance numbers, and a deposit, and they can move in and begin their student experience.

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  1. That would be nice that she's going to school so close to home. :o)


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