Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beth Has a Baby

Beth brought home a baby this weekend. It's one of those computerized babies that cries and needs taken care of like a real baby - at all hours of the day or night. Everyone in her class has to take it at least overnight. She signed up for the weekend so she could take care of it an extra day and get some extra credit. It's an interesting program.

Last night we were thinking of going to a movie, and Beth said she wanted to go too. With these babies, though, you can't get a babysitter. Beth has a hospital type bracelet she has to wear, and only the person with the bracelet can take care of the baby. So, it wouldn't be good to pay to go to a movie and then have to go out because the baby needs taken care of. I know I took her at least once, but that was different.

We ended up staying home and watching a movie, and the baby started crying. It took her an hour to take care of it. I think she was a bit frustrated. Now maybe she can imagine having to take care of a needy baby every day - not just for a couple days.

Beth is good with babies and little kids. She will be a good mom - some day.

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  1. That is such a brilliant idea! I think all young girls and boys as well actually should HAVE to take home one of these for a weekend.. make them realise having a baby is not the bed of roses they might think it to be!


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