Thursday, December 25, 2008

Did You Forget Anyone?

While I was bumming around doing practically nothing today, I should have let you know about the last minute gifts from Kmart you could still get - just in case you forgot something or someone. While the stores were all closed, you could still have done some shopping online. They had some special deals going on, like 10% off almost everything, 50% off winter clothing, and 70% off diamonds.

It might not have been the same thing as handing someone a gift, but you could have browsed to and pointed out what you bought, or maybe done some shopping together. Remember Kmart has lots of gifts under $25, so it's easy to find something affordable. I was just browsing jewelry and found a sterling silver and onyx ring I really like for $24.99, and a double heart CZ necklace for $14.99. They've got toys and clothing and bedding, electronics and sports equipment. I'd say Kmart has something for everyone.

Kmart also has the perfect last minute gift, the eGift Card. You select a card, customize it, and send it via email. The card arrives within hours and can be used online, via phone, and in store. Your gift recipient can use it to buy whatever he or she wants. It's not too late to send some of those, just in time for the after Christmas sales. Keep these cards in mind for future use, too. They have them for all occasions, weddings, babies, birthdays, etc.