Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Quality Pearls at Wholesale Prices

I didn't have a pearl necklace when I got married. Instead I had a very pretty necklace and matching earrings that a friend of the family made just for me. It was more 'me' at the time, and I probably wouldn't have wanted pearls anyway. They would have just seemed too 'traditional' to me, if I had thought of them at all.

Now I've matured a little. It has been a few years, after all. I've started to like pearls. They are really pretty and extremely classy, and they come in so many different colors and types. My idea of pearls was always that traditional strand of white pearls, like the Japanese Akoya saltwater pearls, but I'm not quite ready for that level of traditional. Tahitian black pearls are the ones I like. I love black, but they also come in aubergine, eggplant, peacock, silver, purple, pistachio, and more. They're out of my price range, even at the Pearl Outlet where you can get quality pearls at wholesale prices, but they are absolutely gorgeous.

I do have one pearl necklace, and it's made of black freshwater pearls. The pearls are really pretty, and even though they're considered black, you can see all kinds of other colors in there. They'll pick up the colors of your clothes and look good with everything, or nothing, but this is a family blog so we won't talk about that now. I will say that freshwater pearls are more in my price range and perfectly gorgeous in their own right.

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