Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day #3

The kids are happy. Actually, I'm assuming they're happy, since they're still in bed. No school today, for the third time this month. Cory might be regretting these snow days at the end of the school year when they have to make them up, but Beth doesn't care. She's graduating at the end of 1st Semester, so she won't have to make up any snow days. When I was in school, I'm pretty sure there were a certain number of snow days built into the school calendar, because they knew it was going to snow. Here, they know it is going to snow, and they might plan for one snow day , but after that they have to tack additional days onto the end of the school year.

This time, I think it was a good decision to cancel school. There really is snow. A lot of it. The driveway was completely covered and drifted when Jeffrey and I got up this morning. We didn't measure, but I think it was at least a foot deep - at least that drift I was shoveling was. It took us over an hour to clean the driveway off, and the snow and wind were doing their best to cover it back up as soon as we cleaned it off. The way the snow was coming down, visibility was really limited, and I don't think they'd plowed the streets yet.

That didn't stop Jeffrey from heading to work once we'd gotten the driveway shoveled off. I told him he should work from home today, but he's always gotta go in, no matter what the weather is like. He called me when he got to work, so I know he made it OK. He said it wasn't fun. The trip home should be better because the snow is supposed to stop before too long and there will be time for the roads to start getting cleaned off. And, of course, there will be more shoveling. With all this snow, I can eat whatever I want and never once have to think about fat burner pills. Not that I actually ever think of them, but shoveling really is good exercise.

I heard once that if you see your normal activities as exercise, you get more benefit from them than someone who is doing the same things but doesn't see it as exercise. Did that make sense? I haven't been able to find anything written about that, but I thought it was very interesting. Have any of you heard that?


  1. I'm jealous. Not of shoveling snow, but maybe one day I'll live in a place that gets snow... :) Have fun!!

  2. Too bad you don't live out here. Most of the schools have been closed all week - and then they get two weeks of holiday break - and there hasn't even been enough snow to shovel. One flurry and everything shuts down around here it seems. No one knows how to deal with cold and ice and snow.

  3. That's one thing we never get over here, snow days.

    In fact we rarely even get a sprinkling in recent winters..

    Keeping my fingers crossed I am proved wrong and we get a decent snowstorm, but I wont hold my breath..


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