Thursday, December 18, 2008

This is Really Good Coffee

Dunkin' DonutsImage via WikipediaRemember last month when I mentioned the free coffee sample from Dunkin' Donuts? I said I'd let you know what I think once I had a chance to try it. Well, I just got my sample this week and brewed it up this morning. I'm not about to climb up on my roof and proclaim this the best coffee I've ever had, but I am going to tell you that this is good coffee. I got the Dunkin' Dark, and it's really smooth and rich. I'm going to be sad when I finish it, but the good news is that Dunkin' Donuts coffee is now available in the coffee aisle at the grocery store. Of course, I won't be going to the grocery store for a few weeks (see previous post), but hopefully that will give me time to find a coupon.

The good news for you is - there are still samples available. The Original Blend is out of stock, but they still have the Dunkin' Dark. So, if you haven't yet requested your free sample of Dunkin' Donuts coffee, what are you waiting for?
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  1. WOW! It sounds so good that I clicked right over to the site and signed up for a free sample!! I just can't wait for that stinky.... fragrant first cup!


  2. Well, your husband will appreciate it, anyway.


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