Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This is a Public Service Announcement

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If you're going to drive on the Interstate or any major highway, please follow these simple guidelines:
  • Drive in the right-hand lane
  • Drive at least the speed limit
  • When you come upon a vehicle that is going slower than you are, move into the left lane in order to pass
  • Once you have passed the slower vehicle, move back into the right lane so you are out of the way
Did I forget anything? Oh, yeah - under no circumstances do you ever drive along at 55mph in the left lane, in a 70mph speed zone, completely oblivious to the fact that there are people on the road who would actually like to get somewhere before next year. Why would anyone even do that?

Traffic was horrendous this past weekend, both going to Kentucky on Wednesday and coming home on Sunday. I think every Mo and Ron in the country was out on the road and every single one of them was driving way too slowly, or stopping, in front of us. There has to be a better way. Needless to say, we are not planning on visiting the parents again any time soon, though it was wonderful while we were there. Next time, I think we'll have to create our own holiday weekend in the hopes that there won't be so much traffic.

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  1. I agree! Of course I'm the one who's usually in one of the right lanes, with my cruise control set to a mile or two above the limit :)

  2. Frigga - with your car, I would have thought you'd be one of the fast ones. :P

    I really think that if people would use a little common sense there's no reason traffic can't move smoothly. Oh, and if the designers had planned the exits and on ramps a little better...

  3. I sympathize completely! 14 hours to my moms with two kids in the back is just insane. Our door is open, but no one seems to come so we see everyone up there every few years. Last time was 4 years.

  4. It took you way too long. It took us 12 hours once to make that trip and it wasn't even a holiday. A 9 hour trip should take 9 hours, right? You are right, we'll just make our own holiday...does Beth's graduation count?

  5. It wouldn't let me post my previous comment under LiveJournal, so just had to try again. :) I'm sorry it took you so long to get home, but sure am thankful you came!!
    Still won't let me use LJ...makes no sense to me.

  6. Just so I won't be anonymous anymore. :)

  7. Rule number 5 is, Do not zoom past a big truck, pull back into the right lane in front of it and then slow down!!!! Always remember that the slower the truck goes up the hill, the faster it will want to go down the other side, don't get in front of it!!! Give the truck lots and lots of room! Also, flashing your lights at a truck means that it is clear for them to change lanes and you are giving them the right of way. Truckers are your friends :)

  8. I like truckers. I think they're the only ones who actually know how to drive.


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