Monday, December 08, 2008

Cory Didn't Give Me His Sheets

Monday is laundry day. So, every Monday I remind the kids that I need their laundry, and every other week I tell them I need their sheets, too. Today was a sheets day. Beth stripped her bed and put the sheets and her laundry out in the hall, but, and I didn't notice this until Cory had already left for school, Cory didn't. He didn't give me his sheets. He didn't even give me his laundry. Maybe he doesn't want me to wash anything?

I guess I could be mean and just ignore his laundry, probably should. But I did grab his laundry, and he'll have clean clothes. This would have been much harder in the past. We used to have a laundry hamper in the bathroom for the kids to put their laundry into. Strangely, the laundry hamper was usually empty, until Monday mornings when I would remind the kids that it was laundry day. Then they'd gather all the dirty clothes up off their floors and cram them into the laundry hamper, until it was overflowing.

Since it was obvious that they'd rather have all that dirty laundry in their rooms, we bought them some pop-up hampers at Walgreens, so they could keep them in their rooms and hopefully keep all the dirty clothes together and off the floor. It seems to work. I mean, there are still clothes on the floor, but quite a few of them go into the hampers, too. So, this morning I grabbed Cory's laundry hamper out of his room, but I left all the other clothes on the floor. In the past all the clothes would have been on the floor, and I wouldn't have had any idea which ones were dirty and which ones weren't. How do the kids even know? I really think they used to just scoop everything off the floor, dirty or clean, and throw it in the hamper. I never knew if I was actually washing dirty clothes or wasting my time washing clean ones.

-- Jaye is probably going to tell me I should just let the kids do their own laundry. She's probably right. What do you think?

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  1. Since my kids were late teens I made them do their own washing unless I had a small load then I'd do some of theirs to make a full load..


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