Thursday, December 25, 2008

Someone Decided it Was a Holiday

The thing with Jeffrey, and the kids, being home all day is that I don't get any normal stuff done. First, we slept in until way too late. How does that happen, anyway? We don't set the alarm, we don't get up. Then we had pancakes like I mentioned before and tried to decide what to do. We thought about going to see a couple movies, and then decided not to even bother.

Instead, we were just bums all day. Jeffrey watched some James Bond movies and then we all watched Hancock together. We usually see those Will Smith 4th of July weekend movies in the theater, but not this one. While it was cute on DVD, I am glad we didn't spend the money on tickets. After the movie was over I started looking at the TV schedule because I was going to watch the Stars on Ice special Lori mentioned on her blog My Wooden Spoon. She had a giveaway that required watching the show. So now I'm bummed - because I missed the skating and because I don't have the answers to her questions. (Picture me pouting here)

I did make some meatballs today so we can have sweet & sour meatballs for dinner tomorrow. Look for that recipe coming soon... to my recipe blog, of course.