Monday, December 22, 2008

A Reminder

I'm reminding myself as much as I'm reminding you.

A while back I wrote about the Sears heroes at home wish registry. It's a great program. Members of the military and their families can register, tell their stories, and create wish lists. Many of these military members have to be away from their families for months, some of them more than a year. While they are doing their job serving our country, their families are left at home, doing their best to have a normal life while they wait for the family to be reunited. Their greatest wish is to be together again.

We can't make that particular wish come true, but we can help make some of their other wishes come true by making a donation to the Sears Heroes at Home program. I was reading some of the stories today and came across one about a father who was deployed when his baby girl was 3 months old. He'll be gone over a year and miss so many of her firsts. One of the items on his wish list is a video camera. It won't be the same as being there, but a video camera will let him enjoy some of those precious moments he's missing. Donations won't go to any particular family but are distributed equally, in the form of Sears gift cards, among all the registered families, but I'd like to think my donation will help this man's family get that video camera.

When I found out about this Heroes at Home wish registry and read some of the stories, I had every intention of making a donation, but I didn't do it right then. I even posted the badge in my sidebar, and then, I hate to admit it, I didn't go back until today. So, today I'm making that donation, and I'd like to encourage you to give a little something, too. Let your dollar be a hero:

Donations are not tax deductible, but that's not really why you're giving anyway, is it?


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