Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Cold

Socks being worn on feetImage via WikipediaAt dinner tonight, Cory complained that it's cold in the house. Jeffrey and I both looked at him, noted his short-sleeved shirt and his bare feet, and we didn't feel a bit of sympathy for him. If he can't put on a sweatshirt and some socks, he has no business complaining about being cold.

I thought he was smarter than that!

The power company did announce today that since the cost of natural gas has gone down, power bills for the winter shouldn't be as high as originally predicted. Still, we have no plans to turn the thermostat up enough for it to be warm and cozy when you're wearing shirt sleeves and no socks. What? Does he want to wear shorts, too?
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  1. The heating system we have is controlled by a central powerhouse for the entire block so it's always warm and cosy, and I'm wearing short sleeves and bare feet.. and I love it this way although it is rather wasteful of fuel I guess!


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