Tuesday, July 15, 2008

16!? How'd That Happen?

It's Cory's birthday today - he's 16. I could spend all day asking myself how in the world that happened. Just yesterday he was a cute little guy, and now he's this tall person who shaves and has hairy legs. Of course this is where he asks, "Don't you still think I'm cute?" Yes, he's still cute. He's also smart and talented and silly and sweet and still needs lots of hugs. I do think I'll keep him.

He wants to go see a movie, since it's his birthday, so I need to get busy. I've got a library board meeting tonight, and I still need to type the minutes up. Why do I always wait until the last minute? Good question.


  1. Happy Birthday Cory...and we wait to the last minute because most of us work better under pressure!

  2. Happy Birthday Cory!!! I am really scared for when Aurora turns 16. She already crashed a go-kart and a golf cart in the last year, I hate to see what she does with an actual car.

  3. Happy Birthday Cory!~ Hope you had a great day. Have you forgiven Tillie yet?


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