Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Advertisers, See What IZEA Can Do For You

Do you have a product or a website you'd like people to know about? Give some thought to blog marketing. It's a great way to get the word out. You get bloggers talking about your product and your site, and the word spreads. Because bloggers are real people who love giving their opinions on any number of topics, you will get honest opinions. And because real people are giving real opinions, readers listen. At least I do. For instance, I was writing about a very interesting website today and the products they offer when I found another blog with a post about the same product. I was interested and excited about the product to start with, but reading the opinions expressed both in the blog post and in the comments made me feel even more confident in that product.

So, you've decided you'd like to try blog marketing. Now what? Do you need to scour the Internet for bloggers, asking them to post about your product or website? Sure, you could do that, but IZEA would really like to help you. Through PayPerPost and SocialSpark, IZEA works to connect advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers specify the requirements - offer amount, minimum number of words, links and anchor text, images, minimum RealRank or PageRank, and relevant blog categories. When the ad campaign or Opp is realeased in the Marketplace, only bloggers who meet those qualifications can reserve that Opp and submit posts. IZEA filters them for you.

IZEA offers a wide variety of Social Media Marketing services, from the blog posts we just talked about, to blog sponsorships and ads (see the ads at top left and click on 'Advertise Here' if you're interested), and product sampling. That's something bloggers really like, getting their hot little hands on an actual product, being able to use it, take pictures, and blog about it. IZEA can help you with that, too.

So what I'm saying is, IZEA wants to help you advertise, and they have a lot of great ways to do it.