Friday, July 25, 2008

Year of the Cat

Last year about this time:
In other news:
Beth brought home a kitten tonight. She begged and begged and promised that she would pay for everything and take care of it and everything. I hope she does because, against my better judgment, I said she could keep it. We haven't had an animal around here since fall, and it has been really nice. Hopefully she will do her part and take care of it and clean up after it and all that stuff. Otherwise, we get to get rid of it. Tim said it could go live at Jesse's house and be an outside barn cat. If we could have an outside barn cat, that would be good - no cat hair in the house, no cat litter, no mess. Well, Beth promised to clean up after it, so I'm not going to do any of that - and she better not wait until it is driving me crazy before she does it!

Tillie has been living here for a year, as of last night. All Beth's promises... well, she does take care of the cat, but only after being told several times. The rest of us have enjoyed having Tillie around - because she's a sweetheart, and we don't have to take care of the litter box. I do get a little tired of the white cat hair on everything, and I wasn't too happy the times Tillie decided to pee where she wasn't supposed to, but overall I like the silly little thing.

It's fun looking at this first picture of her. She's grown a lot since then, even gotten a little chubby - not chubby enough to need fat burners but the vet said not to feed her so much. Explain that to a cat who thinks she's starving. If she did something besides sleep all the time...


  1. I found that our female cats were lazy and only wanted to eat and sleep. Our male cats are the hunters...and they eat what we give them and then hunt. Maybe Peanut wouldn't leave me so many gifts if I fed him more.....

  2. For a moment there I thought you'd got another kitten!

    Tillie is very cute and very photogenic :)

  3. how is it that I remember this post????


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