Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Entrecard: finally a way to get more comments

I mentioned earlier about the Entrecard - SezWho partnership. It sounds like a great idea to get increased comments on your blog, so I signed up with SezWho, and found out that some of the blogs I already comment on have been using it for a while. At least it looks that way, because SezWho already had a record of those comments. Interesting...

I installed the SezWho code on my blog, changed things so that the comments show up on the post pages, and... Well, I'm not so sure it's working properly. I get the whole SezWho popup that enables me, or anyone, to see where else my commenters have been commenting. I think that's really neat, and I've already clicked some of those to visit the posts they commented on. The thing I don't see are the ratings stars, which do seem to be important because that's how people earn more Entrecard credits, by leaving relevant comments that get high ratings. If people can't rate or be rated on my blog, will they want to take the time to comment? I mean, I'd like them to comment because they want to comment and not just because they can get something out of it, but if it takes a little incentive, then I'm OK with that.

I'm thinking I may have to change to the 'New' Blogger to get this to work properly. Maybe. I'm playing with a new template or layout of whatever they call it on my test blog, but I'm still not sure how much trouble that will be. Also, I have another blog that uses the New Blogger layouts, and no matter how many times I've tried, I can't get it to show that I've installed the ITK (IZEA Tool Kit) so I can get my RealRank. I must have that on this blog. Help me somebody - do you have ITK on your New Blogger blog? Does it work OK? How did you get it to work?

I can't guarantee high ratings and Entrecard credits if you comment here, but I could really use some help.

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  1. Hmmm, I don't think I have a clue which version of blogger my blogs are on, and my Sezwho worked just fine...I am a technological dufus though.
    I cannot believe you bought so much cereal to see the movie, hope it is worth, the movie was good we liked it, took Nick for his 16th birthday. It is a darker storyline but very good, not for little kids though.


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