Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Show Your Mom Colors

I've seen these message bracelets all over the place. People wear them to show the causes they support, who they are and what's important to them. The Teen Library Council even sells some at the library that say "I Read" in multiple languages. I was thinking about buying one of those because I do read. However, blogging has kind of taken over my reading time. Has that happened to anyone else? I need one that says, "I'd love to find time to read" but that's probably too much to put on a little bracelet.

Today I found out there is the perfect bracelet. It says, "Mom Blogger" and it's available from Mom Colors. Along with the Mom Blogger bracelet, there is the Frugal Mom bracelet (yep, that one is me, too), the Green Mom bracelet, and the I ♥ Being a Mom bracelet. More Mom Messages are planned, and you can sign up for the newsletter to be notified when the new ones come out.


  1. I just tried to order one and it wouldn't work. :o(

  2. ok here is the deal with those little things,,,, I tryed the pink one when my friend got breast cancer,, IT DROVE ME NUTS!!!!! good luck have you seen the little Italian charm ones yeah I went nuts on them too,,, have a great day..

  3. Nice little bracelet for fun! I've never seen the one for mom blogger here. Maybe I should try to order one..


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