Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gone All Day

Film poster for Kung Fu Panda - Copyright 2007...Image via WikipediaThe kids and I went to see Kung Fu Panda this morning. The movie theaters have kids movies at 10am on Wednesdays and Thursdays - $2.50 to see the movie, and a free popcorn. We haven't gone to any of the other ones, so we weren't sure how early we should get there. 9:30 was too late. By the time we turned our tickets in - at least we had already purchased tickets - and got into the theater, the only seats we could find were way up front. Why do they put seats that close to the screen, anyway? There were so many people there that they eventually opened up the reserved seating in the back. Cory got up there and saved us some seats, so we moved. Yay!

We all really enjoyed the movie - very cute! Cory said he liked it better than Wall-E. I don't know. I liked them both.

Then we went down the street a ways to the Blood Center, because Beth had an appointment to donate blood. Since I was there, I decided to donate blood, too. so I did but Beth didn't because her iron was too low. Then we did some shopping at Kohl's, went to Arby's for lunch, across the street to Starbuck's because we had a card to get any cold Grande for $2. I got one of these:

Yum! Makes me want to go back to Starbucks. Well, except for all those calories and all that fat...

Then, after that, Goodwill where Beth got some clothes and I got some jeans and some capris, Aldi where we stocked up on Freezer Squeezers for Cory, and some other stuff, and Walgreens for some school supplies, rebate items, and milk. And then home, finally. I'm tired.
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  1. mmmm - I don't usually like Starbucks coffee. Their coffees usually have an extra burnt like taste to me, but I had a bunch of Starbucks gift cards to use up and I ordered a carmel Frappuccino - OHMYGOSH - it was AWESOME! It couldn't have been all the sugar that won me over *grin*


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