Friday, July 04, 2008

Sky Watch Friday (#29)

It's Friday again, and that means Sky Watch Friday!

Army medic helicopter taking off from our village park during our Kettle Moraine Days festival. A storm was rolling in (see clouds in background), and the pilot wanted to get back to base ahead of it. In honor of Independence Day, I like that the flag is flying in this picture.


If you enjoy looking at the sky as much as I do, you'll want to check out Sky Watch Friday at Wiggers World. Join in or just enjoy all the wonderful sky pictures.

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  2. Looks like the old Korean War helicopter or one like it. I think they also used them on MASH.

    It sure makes a neat post for SWF.

  3. Beautiful it sure makes a great 4th of July picture... thank you so much for joining in again this week.. I'm a bit late visiting but still wanted you to know your post was very much Appreciated..


  4. What a really cool picture! That must have been neat to see the helicopter up so close. Happy 4th of July!

  5. You have managed to capture quite a few sky elements: cloud, helicopter and flag. Good combination for the day!

  6. Happy 4th of July! The flag made it a nice picture for the independence day.

  7. Neat shot with the helicopter! Great to see the flag flying too!
    Wonderful skywatch shot!

  8. Thanks for sharing this photo with us. Those Medivac whirlybirds are worth their weight in gold when they are needed. Thank God for them, and for the men and women who pilot them!

  9. This is a wonderful combination of skywatch and the 4th. Thanks so much for making the effort to see more skywatchers. It's tough to visit everyone. I love visiting as many as I can, but it keeps growing; it seems impossible to visit them all.

  10. Great sky watch post, still trying to see all the sky watch photos on Tom's blog.


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