Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Call Empire Today

You've all heard the jingle and seen the commercials, right? "800-588-2300 Empire Today." That phone number is probably as memorable as Jenny's number (you know the one). You're also probably familiar with the Empire Man. According to Wikipedia:

The Empire Man was introduced in 1977 as a live action character and later adapted into a popular animated persona that has grown to become a cultural icon. The Empire Man has been seen internationally in commercials and other media, has spawned a line of collectible bobblehead dolls, is featured each year in the annual McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and inspired the Chicago Cubs to declare an official "Empire Day" at Wrigley Field in 2007.

The Empire Man was originally portrayed on television by Lynn Hauldren, who continues to provide the voice of the animated character.

I particularly like this Empire Today commercial featuring the Empire Man:

Well, I've seen the commercials - that one where the people are walking on their brand-new carpet with their shoes on, still kind of bothers me - and I've heard the jingle, but until today I hadn't really paid much attention. Now that we're thinking of changing some of the Flooring in our house, changing the vinyl in the kitchen and carpet in the dining room to ceramic tile and eventually removing the carpeting in the living room and replacing it with hardwood flooring, I thought it was time to check out Empire and see what they offer. I wonder if I get one of those bobbleheads if I order Carpet or ceramic flooring?

Empire Today has been a leading provider of installed Home Furnishings and Home Improvements for more than 45 years. The company was founded in 1959 by Seymour Cohen and was a family-run business under its original name, Empire Carpet. The company later changed its name to Empire Today. I must admit this was something I always wondered - was the company called Empire Today, or were they called Empire and telling you to call today? I guess a little of both.

Empire Today offers many products, like carpeting, hardwood flooring, ceramic flooring, window treatments, Laminate Flooring, and bath & shower liners, not just carpet. They offer these quality products at low warehouse-direct prices, and can even install the next day. Empire doesn't have retail locations, and no overhead means they can pass the savings on to their customers.

What's special about Empire is you don't go to them, they come to you. Call or go online to schedule a free no-obligation quote. A friendly, professional representative from Empire will arrive at your home, bringing lots of samples. That makes it easy to choose the right colors to complement your decor, and you will see exactly what it is going to look like in your house. The Empire professional also does all the measuring so you know exactly how much you need, and will give you a fully installed price. It sounds a lot easier than buying a tile here and a tile there and bringing them home to see what looks good, and then trying to figure out exactly how many we'll need to buy. Here's how it works:

It looks easy and convenient, doesn't it? They have a nice chart showing the advantages and convenience of the Empire Shop-at-Home Service where they compare what you get with Empire and what you might find in a retail store.

Empire Today also has no payment, no interest payment options, currently no payments until January 2010, and great customer service. They want completely satisfied, lifetime customers, and have won several customer service awards.

Call Empire Today, have your carpet tomorrow.

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