Thursday, July 24, 2008


We go through tons of salsa in this house. Chips and salsa is one of Cory's favorite snacks, and mine, too. So we buy the big jars of Pace salsa at Sam's Club, and the big boxes of tortilla chips. Pace is the best salsa! I usually don't care too much about brand names, but when it comes to salsa, this is the only brand I buy.

This is why I'm hoping to win this salsa giveaway at My Wooden Spoon. Check out those great sounding salsa flavors. Yes, I love the plain salsa, usually the hotter the better, but I would really love to try all those flavors. And then I'll probably want them to start packaging them in the big bottles.

I'd say run over and enter the giveaway too, but really, won't that hurt my odds of winning? All right - if you like salsa, go on and enter. Good luck to you - better luck to me!


  1. We love nachos, especially with melted cheese on them and then dip them in the salsa.

  2. i'm an admitted salsa addict. did you know it is the most popular condiment in the U.S? that's crazy that it out sells ketchup! i don't have sals but I have some giveaways going on at my blog! hop on over!


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