Friday, July 25, 2008

Looking for a Web Host?

I'm still not sure about changing to the 'New' Blogger. It's supposedly easier, but it means I have to learn new stuff and figure out how it works. It just seems easier to stick with what I understand, but I know there are advantages to changing, the same way I'm sure there are advantages to finding a web host and moving everything, changing blogging platforms, etc.

I'm not ready to make the jump (leap?) but I am trying to keep track of all the various options. Luckily, when looking for cheap hosting, there are quite a few resources out there. The web hosting reviews at Web Hosting Geeks look really helpful. They rank web hosts by the best value and price, and give users the opportunity to review the hosts. You can compare web hosts to get an idea of what features they offer and see what they charge, and then you can read reviews and comments by people who actually use those hosts.

In addition to the hosting reviews, Web Hosting Geeks has plenty of webmaster resources and articles on choosing a web host, what to look for in a web host, and deciding which web host is best for you. If you're looking into web hosts, be sure to visit the Web Hosting Geeks, because I think this site will be very helpful.

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  1. A couple of great hosts I have been with in the past:
    1- [url=]InnoHosting [/url]
    2- [url=][/url]

    both were really good to me when i needed them and when/if i ever need a host agan i will have a hard time deciding between the two. check em out


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