Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dark Knight, Here We Come. Again

... or ... why I bought 20 boxes of cereal.

Yep, you read that right. I bought 20 boxes of cereal today. Pick 'n Save had General Mills cereals and granola bars on sale, 10/$20, or $2/box. If you bought 10 boxes in one shopping trip, you got a certificate for 2 free tickets to see The Dark Knight. So I went twice, since Pick 'n Save is right on the corner when I get into town, and I pass it on my way in and on my way out.

Wednesdays are also double coupon days - if you spend $25 - but they'll only double your first 5 coupons. Actually, they double the 5 coupons with the highest value, which is very nice of them. But the rest of your coupons? Face value. So, I went first, grabbed my cereal and enough other things to get over the $25, and checked out. I had enough coupons to cover all 10 boxes of cereal and granola bars, so I saved a minimum of 50¢ on each box, and some of them $1.50. I should really figure out exactly how much I spent on the cereal, shouldn't I?

Hold on - looking at the receipt and doing the math. Cereal cost, $20 minus $10 in coupons equals $10. That's $10 for 10 boxes of cereal, which is a good deal in itself - then add two free movie tickets (maximum value $25.50) and you have an awesome deal.

The second trip is slightly better because I saved $10.10 with my cereal coupons so I got the 10 boxes of cereal and coupon for two free tickets to see The Dark Knight for $9.90. So, for less than $20, I got 20 boxes of cereal and 4 movie passes.

What kind of good deals have you found lately?