Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Site Especially for Pet Lovers

I just signed up for a new site for pet lovers and all about pets. It's called ZooToo, and it looks like a very helpful site. You can post pictures and information about your pet(s), connect with other pet lovers, find and review pet services, and even get free samples of pet supplies to try and review. If you have a pet question, you can ask the rest of the community at ZooToo to find an answer. I'm particularly interested in finding some opinions on what cat food we should be feeding Tillie. The vet said we should be feeding her a better food than we bought at first, but buying the food from the vet is way too expensive.

I haven't figured it all out yet because I was spending more time uploading pictures of Tillie than anything else, but you earn points through your activity on ZooToo. Inviting friends, writing in your pet journal, uploading pictures, all contribute to your point total. As you accumulate points, your status in the community grows, and you can use your points to help various causes, such as animal shelters and rescues.

If you love pets and want to know more about what real people think of the pet products and services on the market and in your area, then you'll enjoy ZooToo.