Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coffee to Go

Today, tomorrow and Friday Cory and his friend Pam have to drive for driver's ed. I have to get them to the school by 8am and pick them up at 10am.

This morning the coffee was ready about the time we had to leave the house, so I put it in a to-go cup and took it along. I might manage to grab a cup of coffee before we have to leave the house tomorrow, but not today. Today I had to make Jeffrey a sandwich, say good-bye to him, get Cory up, do my crunches, weights and stretches, and then make the coffee. By then it was 20 til 8 and we had to leave, and I didn't want to wait until I got back home to have my coffee.

Actually, we didn't quite get out of the house then, but we should have. Cory wanted to drive, and he's rather cautious (slow) when he drives. I tell him that's OK. I'd rather he be cautious than try to drive too fast or pull out if he's not sure he has time. We just need to schedule a little extra time if he's going to drive. Funny - when Beth was learning to drive, we always had to tell her to slow down.


  1. I can't function without a cup of coffee first.

  2. Sometimes we have different expectation from our daughter and son from the same matter.
    Have a nice day!


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