Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Heads or Tails - Summer Memory

Today's theme is:

TAILS - Share a Summertime Memory

A couple summertime memories that came to mind were making homemade ice cream and eating tomato sandwiches - not together, of course.

When I was growing up we had our own chickens and goats, so we usually always had plenty of eggs and milk. It was always a treat when mom would mix up a batch of ice cream and we'd pull out the hand cranked ice cream freezer and make a batch of yummy ice cream. Nothing you buy in the store comes close! Several years ago we bought an ice cream freezer, though ours is electric so the experience isn't quite the same. We made ice cream a couple times, and then we put the ice cream maker away and haven't used it since. I really need to pull that thing out, don't I?

A very important part of summer was always tomato sandwiches. Big juicy slices of tomato, sandwiched between slices of bread and Miracle Whip. Yum! My mouth is watering just thinking of it. I still remember sitting out on the front porch eating tomato sandwiches and fighting off the little black bugs that wanted to share. I didn't really appreciate those bugs, but they're part of the whole experience.

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  1. I got my ex one of those electric ice cream makers many years ago and the novelty wore off quickly, too. I think maybe it was because the magic wasn't there.. not the kind you get from the old fashioned ones.

    Yum for the tomato sandwiches.. but real mayo for me. :)

  2. My daughter just got an electric ice cream maker for her birthday. It's a novelty right now. Not the same as hand-cranked, though.

  3. Yum my mouth is watering reading that.

  4. Hmm...ice cream. Do you expert in making it? Why don't you write the recipe (the easiest one)at your blog..I'll wait.

  5. No home made ice cream for me but tomato sandwiches with Miracle Whip! Nothing better, except maybe a BLT...

    Mine's up at: www.rtmm.blogspot.com


  6. damn bugs get everywhere! you cant even eat inside sometimes! they are everywhere!

    Like the sound of the hand cranked icecream machine- very nice. bet it was loads of fun


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