Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Buy Furniture Online

Our bedroom outfit is one we 'inherited' from Jeffrey's dad years ago. Dad was moving in with his dad, and he didn't need it any more.  It was a step up from our mismatched water bed and dressers, so we were happy to have it.  We did replace the mattress a few years ago, and I'm still happy with the whole bedroom outfit.  Jeffrey is too, but he still likes to go into the furniture stores and look at furniture once in a while - just in case we fall in love with something and have to have it, I suppose.  I'd rather not visit furniture stores, mainly because I really hate the sales people who pounce on you the minute you walk into the store.  I'd like to look in peace, thank you.

That's why I love the idea of discount bedroom furniture you can browse and purchase online.  At The Bedroom Space, I can look to my heart's content without some pesky salesperson bugging me.  I can search by price range, style, or brand.  They've got entire bedroom outfits, bedroom accessories, memory foam mattresses, children's furniture, and a sale right now of 40% off Borkholder Amish furniture.  Hand made Amish furniture - this stuff is beautiful.  Not necessarily in my price range, but gorgeous.

More keeping with my price range, I searched by price and looked to see what they had in the $0-$999 range, and I found a very nice bedroom outfit.  The page has pictures, dimensions, features, manufacturer information, and even a section for customer rating.  They even offer free shipping and a free 5 year protection plan.  And, there's no tax unless you live in Florida.  They even offer no payment, no interest finance options.

If I find something I like, I can purchase it online, or if I have additional questions, I can call and talk to one of their sales representatives.  These sales representatives do not work on commission, so their job is not to pressure anyone into buying anything.  Their job is to help you find the product that best suits your needs, tastes and price range.

I don't think it could get much easier, so if you're looking for bedroom furniture or a mattress, check out The Bedroom Space.

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  1. I always check out the furniture stores online for many great deals and sales going on now till the end of the year, it is a great time to buy furniture.


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