Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot Enough For You?

I turned off the air conditioning this morning. Finally, after a long stretch of heat and humidity, it cooled down enough to open the windows. I'm really appreciating it, too.

I'll probably still need the air conditioning in the van when I go shopping tomorrow. It doesn't take a lot of heat to warm your vehicle up enough that you really appreciate a good, working air conditioning compressor. They say that driving with your windows down hurts your gas mileage, so car air conditioning isn't just about comfort. It's about economy.

So, if your Honda ac compressor isn't working properly, and you need a new one or some other A/C parts, check out discountacparts.com. They have a wide selection of auto ac parts, good prices, free shipping, and a full warranty on every part they sell. Just enter your vehicle's year, make and model to find your part, and if you need more help, they have customer service representatives available to take your call, Monday through Friday from 6am-5pm PST.

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