Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Survived

A game in progress on FacebookImage via WikipediaI'm still lamenting the loss of Scrabulous on Facebook - mostly because of all those unfinished games. It just doesn't seem right to walk away from a game in progress. Then, with the combination of no Scrabulous and the official Scrabble app being down for maintenance, I was really lost. Sad, isn't it?

I did manage to get into Scrabble once and play one turn. However, it was being really slow and telling me that invalid words were valid, and then turning around and changing its mind. I had big hopes for a bingo there, but it wasn't to be. I also decided to give Wordscraper a try, a game I added to my Facebook a while back but hadn't tried yet. It's kind of like Scrabulous on steroids. There are all kinds of bonus squares and some of the scores are ridiculously high.

I guess I should have given Bubble Town a try, but I'm afraid that is extremely addictive, too. Yes, I added it, but no, I haven't tried it yet. Instead I just started an email game of Scrabulous with Tammy. Anyone else wanna play?

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