Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Out of Here

We did it - we got the calendar to the printer yesterday. Of course there is always last minute stuff - inserting ads, correcting images, changing wording here and there - so we never get things finished as soon as we want to. Mary was running the CD and print-out to the printer, rushing to get there before they closed at 5pm.

We wouldn't have been quite so rushed, but for some reason my computer doesn't copy all the fonts into the folder properly, so I dragged them in manually. Then, the fonts wouldn't work on my computer. I finally figured out that, instead of copying the fonts into the folder, my computer had moved them, so they weren't installed on my computer any more. Once I figured that out and got them re-installed, things looked better, but I had to check every page and correct some formatting that got messed up. Why does packaging the file into its own folder mess up the formatting? It shouldn't do that, but I hope I fixed it all. I hate when I work so hard on getting everything just so, and then it comes out wrong.