Monday, July 28, 2008

Heads or Tails - Doctor

Today's theme is:

HEADS - Doctor

I should have been paying more attention when I posted about that show Cory and I were watching earlier, Doctor Who. That would have been perfect for this week's theme. But, I wasn't thinking about Heads or Tails when I posted that, so I had to come up with something else.

It got me to thinking about the way Cory doctors up his Ramen noodles. Seriously, that boy could live on those noodles, but he doesn't just boil them up, add the seasoning packet and leave it at that. No, he has to add all kinds of spices - Italian seasoning, garlic, chili powder, you name it, if it's in my spice cabinet, he's probably tried it in the Ramen noodles.

I guess he's not the only one, because I found a couple sites full of Ramen recipes.

Who knew you could do so much with a little packet of noodles. I like them in my Turkey Lo Mein recipe, but I don't usually eat them otherwise, doctored up or not.

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  1. I knew a Korean exchange student who would add veggies, egg, etc. to his. We'd be sitting in the dorm lobby talking and he'd say, "I'm hungry... I'm gonna go fix Ramen," then come back a half-hour later with a tasty-looking meal.

    Happy HoT!

  2. Hi there!
    I have an office mate also who is Chinese and she just loves Ramen with all the add ons!

  3. What a unique response to this week’s HoTs theme! It’s certainly ‘outside the box’ … so well done!
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Now, that was a great HoT. Way to be thinking. LOL

  5. What is it with kids and Ramen? My 17 year old is insane about that stuff. She even crushes it up (before opening the package) and then puts it DRY into a snack baggie, sprinkles on the spices and eats it. Eww.

  6. Awesome. I definitely doctor up my ramen - partly from living in Japan and partly just playing around. My favorite it a little something like a sesame peanut sauce (peanut butter, sesame oil and more). Nice take on the theme!


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