Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Check Out MyLifetime

I don't actually have time for online games, but I still like to check them out. MyLifetime has some that look like fun, if only I can figure them out. There's one called 'Be My Bra' that's supposed to help support women with breast cancer. I haven't yet figured out how it works, just listened to the theme song a couple times, but it sounds positive.

Along with the games, MyLifetime has a free beauty makeover where you can upload your own photo and try on various hairstyles, makeup, and accessories. There are relationship quizzes to take, craft ideas, entertainment articles to read, and so much more. It looks like a site I could spend some time on, if I actually had some time...

Still, I think I'll bookmark it so I can go back and take some of those relationship quizzes (see previous post).

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  1. Thanks for your information. my daughter would love to play 'girls games' like makeover..I'll tell her at weekend :)


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