Thursday, July 31, 2008

Google's at it Again

This is how the PageRank works.Image via WikipediaI just noticed that my PageRank dropped back to ZERO. I guess I should have known it couldn't last...

One of my other blogs, Just Gotta Share This, which I wanted to use more than I actually do, and that has a whole Technorati Authority of 7, now has a PageRank of 1. This makes so much sense, doesn't it?

Yes, I know - no point in complaining.
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  1. Me too. The odd thing is the old cariboo ponderer at wordpress is still at 3 but the blogspot one or the domain one is 2 now. Go figure. I have given up the idea of making money of the blog it requires so much time to try and get a blog at a higher ranking to to it and then Google comes along and messes with it. It has taken the incentive away so I will forget about page rank altogether and making money off the blog. Try and get the enjoyment of just blogging back.

  2. I never understood how page rank really effected anything. I don't blog for money, does page rank make a difference there?

    I did notice that my business website is now ranked #5 if you google piggy banks. I've been at 11 or 12 for the past couple years, so to hit page one is great. I guess. Means I will be busier *sigh*


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