Friday, July 11, 2008

Zenni Optical for a Good Deal on Glasses

Reading glasses
Reading glasses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I always put off getting new glasses because I know they are going to cost so much - and our insurance doesn't pay for eye exams or glasses. That's why I'm very interested in They offer all kinds of great styles at incredible prices. Imagine, a complete pair of glasses, starting at $8! Depending on the frames, they can cost more, but still a better deal than buying them at the eye doctor's or store.

Zenni can offer such great prices because they sell only their own frames, direct to the consumer, and there's no middleman. It really makes you wonder what kind of markup they add in the stores. At the Zenni Optical prices, we can afford to order several pair for less than the usual cost of one. Also, no matter how many pair you order, shipping is just $4.95.

Update: We have ordered glasses from Zenni Optical several times now.  We have always been very pleased with them.  They are truly a great value, and there is no reason to pay over inflated prices for eyeglasses ever again!