Friday, July 18, 2008


Mary and I went to the printers to proof the calendar this morning. We weren't terribly picky about anything, and just found a couple of things that needed checked or fixed. I'm really glad I fixed the alignment issues before we sent it in, because I would have been so frustrated to see them on the print-out and know I couldn't do anything about them. Yes, they would have been fixed, but someone else, at the printers, would have had to do it, and it would have cost us.

Now we just wait for the calendars to be printed and delivered, and then we have to get them ready and mailed. Why is that our job? Yeah, good question - we already do everything else. We used to have someone in charge of mailing, but somehow the calendars started coming back at the same time she and her family were on vacation, and we 'inherited' that job too.

Oh well, there's an end to the whole thing. This is the last year. We're not doing it again - definitely not as a volunteer project, and we have no plans to start a small business franchise and do it for pay either, though Mary says the work we put in could easily cost the district $10,000, not that they would or could pay that. Really? I never have any idea how much to charge for things, and I'm really bad at keeping track of my hours. At least now I know that my hours are my own, mostly.