Monday, July 21, 2008

Heads or Tails - Sit

Today's theme is:

HEADS *OR* TAILS - Sit *OR* Stand

We went to see The Dark Knight yesterday.  Yes, we helped contribute to the $155 million or so the movie made in its first weekend.  We used to pay the extra $1 or so to sit in the reserved seats at the theater, until they changed things, charging more and including so-called free popcorn.  After that, we went back to sitting in general admission seats.  Most seats in the theater are good seats.  It's just that, when a big movie opens, if you want to sit together or not get stuck in the first row, you have to get to the theater about an hour early and wait in line.  Now some might say that is part of the experience, but it's also nice to know that, no matter how late you get to the theater, there is a seat waiting for you.  It's worth a little extra.

I guess we weren't the only people who complained about the theater's experiment of including the cost of a medium popcorn in the price of a reserved VIP ticket, because they've changed things now.  Now, instead of giving you a voucher that is good for a medium popcorn, they just give you a voucher worth $5.  You can spend it at the concession stand, the pizza place, the ice cream place, or the coffee shop - they've got all kinds of things at The Majestic.  We got our usual combo - large popcorn, two large drinks and an extra drink.  There were four of us since Cory took a friend, so we had $20 to spend, and that pretty much took it all.

So, they still require you to buy concessions, if you want to sit in the reserved seats, but at least now you have a choice about what you buy.  Since I have a really hard time going to a movie and not wanting popcorn, I can live with that.  Also, since I complained about the 'free popcorn' I thought I should mention that things have improved.  I'm not sure when they changed things, but this is the first time we've gotten reserved seats since back in December.  We have seen a few movies since then, but we just got there early and waited in line.

If you have time to sit for a while, visit the home of Heads or Tails to join in and to see more participants.


  1. I haven't been to the cinema in ages. Not sure if I want to go see the latest batman movie although everyone is raving over Heath Ledger's performance.

    My HoT is up at my place and is all about the hard physcial labour known as House Sitting


  2. hmm...never seen the movie either and it is been so long that i go to the cinema :D

    Visit me in here Thanks

  3. hi
    hows the movie

  4. But, but....what is your 'stand' on the movie? Did you like it? I thought Heath Ledger carried the movie with his character!!

    Mine's up! Stop by for a visit if you can...

  5. We saw The Dark Knight this weekend too, waited in line 1.5 hours before we could go into the theater, but we did that so we could be sure to be able to sit together. Liked the movie, in fact have a review on The Cafe with my HorT post. Also saw Mamma Mia this weekend.

  6. Wow, I don't get out to the movies much, and I'd never heard of the reserved seating thing. Glad they made it a little more reasonable than it was!

  7. I have to take Aurora and Aidan to the movies soon. I'm hoping they will settle for the drive-in though. I like the drive-in better, you can take your shoes off and relax more.

  8. Wasn't Dark Knight the best movie ever? I've seen it in theaters twice now... and I'm slowly being convinced to go see it again after my class is over; even if going to the movies these days is over priced. :) Thanks for sharing this Tuesday!

  9. Wow, your theater sounds pretty upscale. Nothing like that around here!

  10. I havent one to the movies in ages. When we do, we bring our own is just way too exspensive now...Haven't seen that movie yet...want to though...

  11. Wow. That's quite the theater you go to. Nothing like that in my neck of the woods.



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