Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tillie's in the Doghouse

I could have said she's in the cathouse, but that has a whole 'nother connotation, doesn't it?

However we say it, Tillie's in trouble. Cory got a new Zune for his birthday, which isn't until Tuesday, but he got it early. So he's had it for about a month now. Last night, while he was sleeping, Tillie jumped up on his desk and chewed the wire to his earphones up, in several places, so now they don't work. These are were some nice earphones, now they're toast. Replacing them? Not cheap.

Even though, officially, Tillie is Beth's cat, I'm pretty sure she thinks she's Cory's. She spends as much time in his room as possible, either in his window or on his bed - or under his bed. Now, she's not entirely welcome in there.

Of course, she's soft, sweet and adorable, so I'm sure he'll forgive her soon. Brat cat.

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  1. Oh poor Cory! Yes, those Zune headphones are -not- cheap. My 15 year old had one that went thru the wash. We thought we were going to have to get another one, but when they dried out they far. But not so in Cory's case. What is it about cats with dangling wires? My cats do the same thing, if I am charging his zune I have to make sure the headphone wire is up on my keyboard because if not, it gets grabbed with little paws and nibbled on. kids...and cats-you gotta lov'em!


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