Monday, October 15, 2007

Band Moms Rule!

and Dads too. We're in the middle of marching band season, so that means band practice and football games, fundraisers and competitions. We have a small school and a small band, and any parent help is greatly appreciated. The first year Cory played in the marching band was his 8th grade year. We didn't realize how things worked, so we showed up at the football games and at the competitions. We watched the band, and we cheered. Jeffrey helped some with moving the equipment, and he videotaped some of the performances.

We didn't actually realize until the next year that parents were needed to help with uniforms and to chaperone the trips to the competitions. So, we signed up to help as much as we could. And again this year. While I realize that not all of the parents can help, it does seem that we have the same group of parents every time. I guess that's how it works in any organization, or at least that's the way it seems. I'm not complaining. I'm glad we can help. We really do enjoy it - except maybe the sitting on cold bleachers in the rain - and, since our kids aren't in any of the other activities or sports, we are able to concentrate on the band. Go, Band! They march in the State Championship competition this coming weekend. We'll be there to make sure they look their best and that all the equipment gets to there. I hope it's a nice day.


  1. I just love bands however that isn't something we see around here...too bad!
    Great to see parents getting involved with their children's activities and sports...way to go! We need more parents out there like us...stay involved

    take care :0)

  2. I was in band (color guard) only in my senior year of high school but I loved it and wished I'd done it earlier. It's wonderful that you guys can be so involved! :)


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