Monday, October 22, 2007

Homecoming Pics

Here's our tree the next morning - after Jeff and Cory collected all the free toilet paper:See, they only TP your house if you're popular - so cleaning it up was a bad thing - according to Beth. At least there was a little left, so no one would think Beth is unpopular. Jeffrey went out and cleaned it up Sunday afternoon, I think.

Tim, Beth and Kayla, dressed and ready for the dance:
Kayla came over in the afternoon, and the girls went over to a friend's house to get their hair done. Then they came back to get dressed here. Beth ended up wearing the dress she bought after all, but still, I'm thinking no more shopping for dresses without parental supervision - especially if she's spending our money instead of hers. While the girls were getting dressed, Tim showed up. Then, when the finally got ready, we took some pictures, and they headed over to pick up Kayla's date and then to her house for more pictures. They went out to a fancy dinner at Culver's and then to the dance. After the dance, Beth stayed over at Kayla's and then spent Sunday with her. They went to visit one of their friends in the hospital. He was driving too fast, lost control, and wrecked his car. You would think she would have learned something from that, but just a few days later, Beth was driving too fast and got a ticket. At least there was no wreck or injury involved, and hopefully she'll learn to be more careful and pay more attention.


  1. oh the dress shopping thing,,,,,, but mom it ISN'T THAT LOW ,,yeah heard that a bunch of times ,,times 3.


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