Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Family Water Activity Parts 1 & 2

We went to Devil's Lake State Park yesterday to go hiking. We were supposed to meet some other people at 3:00, but they weren't there. We waited a half hour, and, when they still hadn't shown up, went ahead and hiked without them. The trails there are gorgeous. There is a lot of hiking uphill and over rocks, but the view is worth it. At least I think so. As close as we are to the park, I would love to go out and hike all the trails, but I'd never get anyone else out there. Beth complained the whole time about how hard it was and how she 'couldn't do it.' Should I be worried? We've got a 17-year-old who is so out of shape that she can't hike (or mow). She can go out and rollerblade 5 miles, though. I kept telling her that we have hiking trails close to home. We could go out and hike those and get her in shape. She's not interested.

Anyway, we got to the top of the trail - complaints and all. Then we headed back through the woods. As we started back, it started raining on us. It wasn't too bad since we were in the woods and had plenty of trees to shelter us, but we still got wet. When we got back to the car, we figured that, if we had started our hike on time, we probably would have made it back to the van before it started raining - or at least shortly after it started. Oh well. It was kind of fun, and I really enjoyed the sound of the rain on the trees. As we were walking along in the rain, I joked that we didn't need to go to a water park now since we were already participating in a family water activity. The kids didn't go for that.

Since we were already wet, when we got back to the hotel, we decided we might as well go swimming. So we hit the pool and the hot tub - all of us except Beth. She didn't want to come. We told her that if she didn't participate in family water activity number 2 then she didn't get to participate in family water activity number 3. She didn't believe us.

Today, unless the kids decide they don't want to, we're going to the water park. Family water activity number 3! I like water parks. I'll have fun. Jeffrey isn't too thrilled, but he'll do it for us.


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