Monday, October 08, 2007

Heads or Tails - Explore

Heads or Tails is a weekly meme done on Tuesdays. Barb over at Skittles' Place chooses the theme, and we post something related to that theme. It's fun!

This week's theme is EXPLORE. My first thought was to write about that internet browser that I just don't like - no way, no how. You know, the one spelled like this week's theme, just with an 'r' on the end. I was going to explain all the reasons I really don't like that browser and why I refuse to use it, but then I realized that I don't even know if I can explain it. Perhaps it's that I started out using Netscape, and that's what I got used to? Most likely it's because of all its little quirks which make it doubly hard to design a web page - because what works with every other browser, just will not work with that one. For no good reason, either. Still, people continue to use it so I have to work around it. I just won't use it to browse the Internet.

So, forget the browser - except I just want to say that I love Firefox! and all the extensions!

Instead, I'm going to include this picture, that I think just begs someone to go and explore the woods. I took it on our hike the other day. We've actually hiked that trail so many times, you'd think there was nothing left to explore, but there's always something new to see. Sometimes the leaves have all turned, and the trees are red and yellow, and orange. Sometimes, like last week, the leaves are all mostly green. Last week we even managed to make a wrong turn on the trail and got to explore a whole new section of the woods before we realized that the trail did not continue and had to backtrack to find the real trail.

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  1. I agree with all you said about the 'other' browser.

    I like your picture it is like the start of a story yet to be written.

  2. yes, I love Firefox too! Love your explore photo :)

  3. Fantastic photo! You make me miss the days of following my ex through the woods for hunting...I didn't want to kill an animal, but I sure did like exploring the woods! That photo is just wonderful! Mind if I use it later???
    I had a different take on the topic, come see!

  4. If I use the photo on my blog, I will link it back, I was more thinking it would make a nice wallpaper LOL

  5. I use Firefox too. I/E caused me so many problems that it just about drove me CRAZY!!!!

  6. That is really a very good and pleasant exploring type. Verrry refreshing!

    The photo is really awesome. I wanna go in there too :-)

  7. Great post. I need to get Firefox. Love the picture, too!

  8. I do NOT like that other browser because it does NOT like my blog.. people can rarely view it using that icky browser. Pthththtt on it. LOL!

    Your photo is beautiful and enticing. It makes me want to go see what's next.

  9. I love Firefox...been using it almost exclusively for a couple years now :)

    The Egel Nest

  10. Hey, I had a suggested commentary for the explorers finding those stairs...I left it in response on my blog post though. Come see, oh, also, I know we just 'met' today, but I gave you an award on my blog!! Come get it!

  11. I agree with you too - Firefox is the best! :)

  12. It was only a few months ago that I started using Firefox. I've been an IE user for many years until a friend convinced me to try Firefox. One of the best decisions I've ever made. :)

    That looks like an exciting trail. Sometimes a wrong turn leads us somewhere nicer.

    Thanks for visiting.

  13. everything you say is true: the trails on my land are new every single day and it still amazes me after all these years.

    MIE isn't compliant, which is why you just can't win with it. It don't follow the rules! Can you imagine? They keep thinking they can make the rules!

  14. Good photos! I add them to my collection. ))
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