Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Home Drug Testing

Some of Beth's friends take drugs, and, no matter how many times we've talked about drugs and what a bad choice they are making, she still defends them. In her mind, it's a choice they have a right to make - never mind that the drugs are illegal. For her part, she does seem to at least be smart enough to never want to become addicted to anything. I still worry sometimes, though, realizing how easy it would be for her to get drugs from her friends.

I admit I have gone online and looked up home drug testing kits, wondering if it would be a good idea. The tests I saw before were to test the urine for drugs, but apparently that is only accurate for a few days after drug use. Today I was reading about one I hadn't seen before, the Hair Confirm Home Drug Testing Kit. By testing a hair sample, they can get a 90-day drug history. Even occasional drug use will show up, where random urine testing might miss it. This ought to work as a pretty good drug prevention tool. If kids know the test will show any drug use in the past 90 days, they will surely think twice before even trying drugs - knowing they can't get away with it. Still, I'm torn over whether testing my kids for drugs is the right thing to do, unless I start seeing signs that really make me think they are taking drugs.


  1. I agree, thanks for the tip ....

  2. I so wish this was around when my older girls were teens. My now 26 year old was I THOUGHT A GREAT CLEAN KID,, but at 15 was drinking pretty much and smoking pot,,, this in time led to harder drugs and then crystal meth,,,, she has been clean now for goign on 2 years,, I so wish I woudl have not been so decived by what I thought I wanted to see. it is so hard these days, my secnod set of teens is now entering a life of "OTHER" friends I will test if they have known friends using. good luck.. I know it is such a hard thing


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