Thursday, October 11, 2007

Making Band Buttons

Last year the Band Boosters made buttons to sell. I took pictures of the kids in uniform, resized them, had them printed, and then one of the other moms made them into buttons. We sold them to the parents (and some to the kids) for $2 each. Everyone seemed to really like them - though there were kids who didn't want their pictures taken. Some of the parents even ordered more once they bought the first one. So, this year, we decided to do it again.

The buttons are all made, with the pictures of the band members we have. Some of the kids weren't at the rehearsal when I went to take pictures, so hopefully we can get them this weekend. We wanted to sell them this weekend at the Homecoming game, but those just won't be ready. What can we do? If we can get the pictures, we can probably have them ready for State competition next weekend.

In addition to the picture buttons, I've been trying to put together some images for other, more generic buttons we can sell. Ones that aren't just for band members and their parents, so I came up with these pictured here. Note this is not an actual button. I uploaded an image to CafePress so see what the buttons would look like.

I just picked up the button machine - so tonight I get to make buttons. It looks pretty easy. I'm also thinking that I might change the way I do the pictures in the future. I've been sizing them down into 2.5" squares - so they can be cut down and used for a 2.25" button. I'm thinking that I should be creating them as circles to start with. That way there should never be any white showing ever - especially if I make the circles a little bigger than they need to be. The trick is just making sure the actual part of the picture that we want, mainly the kid's face, is the right size to fit on the button without getting cut off. Actually seeing the circles and how the whole button making process ought to help me better understand what I'm doing with the images. Last year I just guessed. It seemed to work, so I pretty much did the same thing this year.

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  1. That sounds like a great idea for school fund raising. I'll have to pass it onto at the next PTA meeting.


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