Monday, October 08, 2007

Do We Need a Security Camera?

I went through the mail today, sorting out bills, figuring out what needed paid now and what could wait until next week. One of the bills happened to be the water bill from the village. It comes out every three months, and, since they are mailing something already, the village always inserts a few extra things in the envelope. One of those things is a letter from the police chief, and this time he mentioned that his overnight officer had noticed several garage doors left open overnight. Even though we live in a small and relatively safe town, it's still not a good idea to leave the garage door open overnight and invite people to come in and take stuff. I know we've accidentally left our garage door open overnight, and it always bothers me the next morning when I discover it.

On a regular basis I feel very safe living here. We've talked a few times about putting Security Cameras outside, but not because of crime - unless you call teen aged pranksters throwing eggs at the house crime. Yes, that has happened a time or two, as well as having the house toilet papered while we were out of town. I figure things like that are going to happen as long as we have teenagers in the house, but that doesn't mean I have to like it! Especially the eggs, because supposedly they can cause damage to the siding or the paint on the cars if they aren't cleaned up right away. That's why we thought about putting security cameras outside, so we could get them on video. And then what? Call their parents and make them come over and clean the mess up, I suppose.

Should we ever decide to go through with it, there is plenty of information on home security and video surveillance available to help us understand how different cameras work and even how to install them. I love internet resources!