Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Does This Widget Work?

I saw this widget on Lady Banana, and thought it would be interesting to see it come up with some tags for my blog. I see that Diana has since taken it off her blog, but I think it was working on hers. Since I put the widget in my sidebar, it has just said that tags will be available soon. I guess their definition of soon and my definition of soon are really different.

I'm not completely giving up on this thing. I removed it from my sidebar, but I'm posting it here. Since I recently changed my blog to show the last 30 days of posts - however many that may be up to 999 - this widget will have 30 days to prove itself before it moves off the front page. I think I'm being rather generous.

Edit: (12/06/07) I have removed the stupid widget because it never did anything. I have visited other blogs where it did work, but nothing ever happened here.


  1. I don't see the widget yet, but like you said, maybe it takes some time. Happy Halloween!

  2. Have never heard of it...Blogrush works pretty well.


    The Egel Nest

  3. That widget has had several days to behave itself and work, so I don't know what the problem is.

    I do have Blogrush. I've even seen one of my posts on it - when visiting someone else's blog. Or was that the Criteo one? I thought it was kind of cool either way.

    Another widget I really like is the Feedjit one. It's so cool to see where blog visitors are coming from.

  4. I like widgets but sometimes they don't work the way they are supposed to. Like for example, Feedjit, I removed it from my blog because some of my friends mentioned that it was registering that they were from another country. I noticed that when I visited my friend, the Feedjit on her blog stated that I was in Australia (but I'm from the Philippines).

  5. Hi Anna, yes it worked but it seemed to show up some odd tags sometimes and in an effort to trim down my widgets a little I took it off - for now anyway!

    I also have BlogRush but have NEVER seen any of my posts on anyone's pages.

    For seeing where ppl are visiting from I find Google Analytics very good, mind you they have no widgets to display this info..


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