Monday, October 01, 2007

Gifts Galore

Being in a resort area, we have plenty of gift shops just begging us to come in and spend our money. There are all kinds of trinkets and treasures that we wouldn't even think of buying otherwise, but, since we're here, we look for gifts for the people we know. We at least usually buy each other something. Beth was out shopping today and bought me a cute little frog. I probably won't look in any more of these gift shops, even though I haven't gotten the kids anything yet. Instead I would much rather go online and look for stuff. I think I can get a better deal and get something they can actually use - instead of some little souvenir that really isn't worth anything.

We're planning to visit mom and dad for Thanksgiving, so I have a little time to find something for them. It would be nice to take them something, though I really have no idea what. I could always find something practical from Home Depot. I bet they would appreciate that more than some little trinket. Or maybe chocolate? Chocolate is always good. Maybe not something they can use, but definitely something most people enjoy. I think Beth would live on chocolate, so they won't be able to open it until we leave! There are plenty of fudge shops here in the Dells, but I could just go online to Fannie May Candies and see what they have. It'll be fresher if I wait and order it online, anyway.

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