Thursday, October 11, 2007

Button Maker

I made the buttons tonight. That button maker is really neat, and easy to use. I think the buttons look really good, too. I guess we'll find out tomorrow night when we sell them.

After doing this and seeing how it actually works, I think I will definitely need to make my images in circles from now on. Really, they are going into round buttons. Of course they should be round. Also, while looking to see if I could find an example of the button machine the Band Boosters have, I found this template for button sizes. I could've used that before! I downloaded it for future use.

Eventually I will get it all figured out. We'll have this button machine for a while. Last year we borrowed one from a church, but decided it was a good way to raise money so we wanted our own. Cory will be in school and in band for two more years, so I'll be involved with it for at least that long. By the time he graduates, I ought to have it all figured out.