Thursday, October 11, 2007

Homecoming Week

Friday night is the Homecoming football game, and the dance is Saturday night, so the whole week at school is Homecoming week. What does that mean exactly? Every day is a special day - like color day, where each class is supposed to wear a certain color, crazy day, costume day, and school spirit day or something like that. They count the number of students in each class who participate and keep track of who wins - Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, or Freshmen.

Beth seems to think that it doesn't really matter what they do or whether they participate. She says it's rigged and the Seniors always win. That doesn't seem right! Still, she's actually been participating, at least some - and she's got no school spirit at all. I thought school spirit was contagious or something, but she doesn't seem to have caught it.

Another side benefit of Homecoming Week? Kids are out at night stringing toilet paper from the trees in their friends' yards and other fun things. Last night Beth went out to tell Tim goodnight before he left, only to find that someone had wrapped plastic wrap around her car and painted questionable things on it. Now wouldn't that security camera I was thinking about the other day have come in handy?

Luckily she noticed the car last night and had time to clean it up, because she was rushed getting out of the house in time for school today, and she would not have had time to do it this morning. Cory got to the car first this morning and realized that they had also put Vaseline under the door handles, so he had to wipe that off.

I really don't understand the point of all of this. I don't know if they did this kind of stuff when I was in high school or not. Maybe they did, but I missed it.